Chimp Sponsorship

For a one-time gift of $250 or monthly recurring payments of $21/month, you can play an important role in supporting Project Chimps by becoming a sponsor of one of our residents. Currently, Arthur, Buttercup, Gertrude, Gracie, Latricia, Samira, Taz and Quintin are available for sponsorship.

When you sponsor a chimpanzee, you’ll receive a personalized sponsorship certificate, biographical information on the chimpanzee of your choice, and a beautiful, high-quality 5×7 photograph of the chimpanzee to display in your home or office. We’ll update you twice throughout the year on your chimpanzee friend’s life in sanctuary.

Chimp Sponsorships make excellent gifts. For an extra one-time gift of $25, we will throw in our loveable chimpanzee stuffed toy, which makes a wonderful gift for children. Please allow 2-3 business days for processing of your order.

  • Arthur

    He may be the largest chimp at the sanctuary, but his gentle, attentive, and kind personality has gained him many chimp and human friends.

  • Buttercup

    This spunky, playful, and curious chimp enjoys building blanket nests, playing tug of war, and tackling enrichment projects with her identical twin, Charisse.

  • Gertrude

    Her confident, boisterous, and mischievous nature has earned her a high ranking in her social group of eight female chimpanzees.

  • Gracie

    This beautiful chimpanzee is known for her playful and easygoing attitude, as well as her goofy facial expressions and insatiable love of food.

  • Latricia

    As the alpha female, she mediates disagreements, provides reassurance, shares resources, and protects her social group of eight female chimps.

  • Samira

    Apart from her striking facial features, she’s also known for her intelligence, patience, compassion, and contagious laugh.

  • Taz

    With his signature head bobble and deep laugh, this playful chimp wins everyone over with his charm, compassion and sweet nature.

  • Quintin

    With his thoughtful, confident, and sensitive nature, he has many close friends and takes his role as protector very seriously.

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