Welcome to Project Chimps!

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is making unprecedented advances for chimpanzees! Project Chimps is a new 236-acre chimpanzee sanctuary nestled among the beautiful mountains of northern Georgia.

We welcomed 16 residents to the sanctuary last year from the New Iberia Research Center, and will welcome even more chimpanzee residents this year!  Latricia, Charisse and her identical twin sister, Buttercup, Gracie, Emma, Gertrude, Samira, Jennifer, Genesis, Marlon, Josh, Patrick, Sopulu, Taz, Arthur, and Quintin have been enjoying their new sanctuary life at Project Chimps and we couldn’t be any more grateful to our supporters who have helped make this happen.

We look forward to sharing all the happenings at the sanctuary, so we hope you will sign up for our newsletter and check out our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to learn more about the chimps, the sanctuary, and the work we do to provide the happiest, most enriching life we can for our residents.